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REIMAN – Comércio de Equipamentos Industriais, Lda.


Motors, Interchangeable Motors, Electric Motors, Asynchronous three-phase motors, asynchronous single-phase, dc motors , brake motors, explosion-proof motors , ac gear motors, dc gear motors,  shaded pole motor, drives inverters,  screw jacks, gear boxes, rmn motors, blade couplings, worm gearboxes, helical gear boxes, bevel helical gear boxes,  slew drives,   planetary reduction gear boxes, racks and pinions, spur gears, bevel gears,  couplings, sprockets,  chain, taper bushes and hubs, locking sets, motor slides and adjustable pulleys ,bearings, pillow blocks , joints, timing belt and V- belt , pulleys,  Leadscrews  DIN 103, custom products, standard motors, industrial motors, industrial machines, industrial maintenance, frequency inverters, INVERTEK, INVERTEK DRIVES, OPTIDRIVE P2, OPTIDRIVE E2, OPTIDRIVE HVAC, OPTIDRIVE HVAC PLUS, Optidrive Elevator, Optidrive compact, Optidrive PCE, Optitools studio, general automation, optidrives.

Our products from chiaravalli, SITI, SATI comer industries, invertek drives, electro-adda, tgb, unimec, mellor motors, rmn chain, rmn motors are interchangeable with bonfiglioli, transmital, vectron , tecnoingranaggi,  sew eurodrive, motovario, nord drivesystems, pujol, hydro-mec, rossi, imo, brown, cidepa, stm, lenze, flender, yilmaz reduktor, motive, varvel , meb, leroy somer, brevini, reggiana, olimar, zimm, mecvel, renold, zmc,iris, sati, link-belt, sedis, diamond chain, tsubaki, skf, arnold, dunbelt,  marbett,fimet, rexnord.

PEI, protection bells, PEI Group, round bellows, synchro-tell,

LICAT, Straight precision racks, helical precision racks, helical precision pinions, assembly gauges, zero-backlash gearboxes, 2-stage gearboxes (powerbox), standard products, helical teeth, vertical motor, horizontal motor, LICAT INGRANAGGI, helical toothing module, straight toothing module, linear transmission systems, high precision, tempered, tempered material.



Operating elements, handwheels, crank handles, knobs,  wing screws and nuts, clamping levers adjustable handles, cam levers, handles, U handles fixed, T handles, revolving, fold-away handles, clamping levers, clamping knobs, control elements, rotary controls, control knobs, rulers, adjustable slide units,  scale rings, position indicators, magnetic sensor position indicators, indexing plungers, grub screws, clamping pads, eye screws and nuts, positioning rings, split set collars, slotted locknuts, leveling feet,  lifting eye bolts, ball transfer units, keys, joints, guide bushings, universal joints, ball joints, leveling elements, hinges, detent hinges, hinges with safety switch, hinges, piano hinges, latches, door locks, handle latches, hook, toggle and power clamps,  plugs, oil fill plugs, breather caps, magnetic plugs, oil level indicators, oil circulation sights, column level indicators, tube clamp connectors, connecting clamps, castors and wheels, retaining magnets, quarter-turns, swing handles, rod latch systems,  gaskets, telescopic cover support,  gas springs, stainless steel range and custom products, grub screws, plugs,

Our products from elesa, ganter, ELESA+GANTER, dirak, pinet, rollon, southco, são intercambiáveis com emka, boteco, giussani, kipp, rohde, rencol, reid, camlock, parker, gamm, mesan, system plast, norelem, siko,  moss, dzus, halder, destaco, amf,rose & krieger, ngi, fiamma, misumi.

ACCURIDE, guideways to drawers, slide motion, linear motion, innovative design, electronic locking, prototypes, industrial, electronic solutions, load rates, linear motion slides, brackets, handle kit, electronic locking, drawer slides, telescopic ball bearing slides, light duty slides, heavy duty slides, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistant, tilt system, slide system, lifetime guarantee.



linear guide ways, linear guideways, ball screws, ballscrews, nuts, linear motors, linear axes, protection bellows, guideways clamps ( manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric), ground shafts, hardened  and ground shafts , linear bearings, shaft supports, linear actuators, automatic lubrication systems, surface treated guideways and ballscrews, positioning systems, CAD configurator, linear drives, linear accessories, linear actuators, bearings, ball screws, ball bushes, easy installation, low noise emission, cylindrical nut, safety nut, flange nut DIN 69051, accessories, HG series, QH series, EG series, QE series, WE series, Rg series, QR series, MG series, miniature series, compact series, high precision linear motion, recirculation ball bearings, high stiffness.

Our products from hiwin, rollon e zimmer gmbh are interchangeable with  igus, skf, ina, thk, star, iko, nsk, smalltec, schaeffler, thomson, bosch rexroth, abba linear tech, amt, kuroda, nb, schneeberger, mini-rail, pbc linear, nook industries, rbs rockford ball screw, roton, tsubaki.

PMI, PMI linear motion systems, linear guideways, MSA, MSB, MSC, MSD, MSR, KM, SME, SMR, miniature, heavy load type, compact type, full roller type, ball chain type, mono stage, PMI, linear motion, linear guideways, ballscrews, high load capacity, high durability, high accuracy, screw shaft, high dustproof, precision ground ballscrews, FA series, miniature series, tolerances, high tolerances.



Engineering Technical Plastic, ABS, PA 6, PA 6G, PC, PEEK, PE HD, PE HMW, PE UHMW, PET, POM, PP, PTFE, PVC, PVDF, etc.


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REIMAN :: SME Excellence 2015

REIMAN renovates in 2015 , by the third consecutive year, the Statute of PME EXCELÊNCIA (SME Excellence award ) awarded by IAPMEI in partnership with the major banks and Tourism of Portugal.

IAPMEI annually assigns this business qualification to companies with the best management, economic and financial performance within the PME LÍDER Group recognized companies in the previous year, distinguishing them by the management strategies and active contributions in the creation of wealth and employment in the region where they are located.

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The new STELL-TEX of PEI, is presented as a roller protection in stainless steel with polyurethane and polyester coating. Its composition is designed to withstand the impact of incandescent materials and cutting metal chips. It was tested in operation in dry and refrigerated environments obtaining always an exceptional performance.

With only 0.8mm thick and weight of 0.9 kg per m² enables its use throughout all range of PEI roller protections.

PEI is represented in Portugal by REIMAN.


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Rollon completed the negotiations with the Italian Tecno Center, on the acquisition of this company, manufacturer of linear axes and components for linear motion systems for industrial automation. The acquisition of Tecno Center aims to strengthen the offer of Rollon in the segment of the linear axes and expand its current range with more complex, complementary and technologically advanced products..

These products have high performance in industrial applications, but also correspond to applications of the automobile industry, machinery and tools. As a result of this strategy Rollon presents the most complete range of linear axes in the world.

You can find all the ROLLON products in REIMAN, its exclusive representative in Portugal.


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DIRAK has just launched on the market new products, especially suitable for applications with a high degree of hygiene. The hight quality of the stainless steel in which these accessories are produced, certified by DGUV, guarantees high protection against corrosion and high temperatures, allowing the application in outdoor environments with high demand.

It is noteworthy its geometric configuration, that combine ergonomics with a simple, modern and appealing design, without any cracks where may occur accumulation of debris. Handles are available with format in "L" and "T", as well as ¼ turn locks in several sizes.

These new products are ideal for application in the pharmaceutical, hospital, food and packaging industries. Blue seals are the distinguishing feature of this range that corresponds to the requirements of the most demanding industries.

You can find all DIRAK products in REIMAN, its exclusive representative in Portugal.


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CHM Gearboxes are a high quality and versatile product for industrial applications. The square design of the gearbox allows multiple assembly positions without the need of additional components. This geometry combines high torsional stiffness with a favorable area for adequate dissipation of the heat generated during its operation.

The available connection flanges allow the gearboxes to be assembled with prestages or combined, achieving high gear ratios. In order to achieve a high quality surface, all housings are painted with RAL 9022 aluminum color, that protect and allow a perfect cleaning of the gearbox.

All components are designed for superior performance and they are machined in CNC machining centers that allow a perfect dimensional control of all the parts. Thus it ensures greater reliability for a long term use.

The range CHIARAVALLI CHM is available in Portugal by REIMAN.


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Invertek has extended its range of products, providing Frequency Inverters with output powers up to 250kW (350 hp). The third generation of this range of inverters, optimized for cooling fans and pumps, uses several innovations in the induction motors, permanent magnet motors, "brushless" engines and synchronous motors, respecting the latest standards of harmonic control.

At a time when the energy costs are constantly increasing, the Optidrive Eco presents itself as a great solution to reduce consumption and therefore energy saving.

Its compact design allows an easy installation and adaptation to different settings for each particular application, can also be used with sensors for more effective control of the equipments, without compromising power output. It's ease to program, even in highly demanding applications, and can be install an ready for operating very rapidly.

REIMAN is the official representative of INVERTK in Portugal.


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ELESA + GANTER offers in its range MSX accessories for mounting tubes quickly. These elements produced in technopolymer reinforced with fiberglass, are extremely sturdy, lightweight and easy to apply and can be used in round or square tubing, avoiding rotations and oscillations during its application.

Available in various sizes, are the perfect solution for mounting sensors and monitoring systems in various devices.

REIMAN is the official representative of ELESA+GANTER in Portugal.


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Fast and safe, the spring positioners GN 413 can be locked and unlocked with only one finger. The ergonomic design of the actuation ring, provides the setting of cables or currents, allowing to operate this product from a distance.

In the version with the rest position, the actuation ring rotate at 90º allowing a secure fixing, in the unlocked position. GN 413 also has a continuous external thread, as well as an additional safety nut for adjustment of the depth of installation of these positioners.

This product complies with the RoHS standard.

REIMAN is the official representative of ELESA+GANTER in Portugal.


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ELESA+GANTER ´s PC clamps are used to fixing (without holemaking), glass or acrylic panels in aluminum profiles. Produced in technopolymer with a gray matte finish RAL 7042, its dimensions allow application in profiles with a width equal or greater than 25mm and perforation of the plates.

Normally used in equipment protection, its spongy inside allows easy adaptation to the panel where this accessory is applied, forming a unique structure.

Its texture prevents sticking to the panel, even if used for a long period of time.

This product complies with the Machinery Directive (2006/42 / EC), avoiding the loss of the smaller elements that make up the clamp, even when open.

REIMAN is the official representative of ELESA+GANTER in Portugal.


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REIMAN was been assigned, once more, with the status of PME EXCELENCIA, awarded by IAPMEI in partnership with major country banks and “Tourism of Portugal”.

IAPMEI annually attributes this classification to companies with the best economic and financial performance and management. This award differentiates companies with superior business strategies goals and with several contributions to the economy and national employment.

The PME EXCELENCIA distinguishes REIMAN, at the top of the rating as an AAA or AA company that keeps high standards in a particularly demanding context, overcoming the crisis with growth, consolidated results and contributions to society and economy.


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ACCURIDE provides in their products range to industrial and electronic applications, two safety systems with electronic locking technology: a drawer slide with an integrated lock and a stand-alone lock.

These products offer the industry easy to install, yet advanced methods to secure and control access to openings in a wide range of industrial and cabinet hardware applications.

Both components allow customized activation methods and system integration based on application requirements.  

They are usually applied in secure office drawers, medical trolleys, retail display, museum storage, data centres, tool storage, cash drawers, hotel in-room security and many others.

REIMAN is the official representative of ACCURIDE in Portugal for industrial and electronic applications.



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The range of RMN MOTORS electric motors, is available with outputs from 0,09kw up to 200kw, with different sizes. The engines with sizes up to IEC 132 are specially designed for attaching gearboxes, that have specific technical features for this purpose .

The three-phase RMN electric motors comply with the European RoHS directive 2002/95 / EC, they have IP 55 protection with class F insulation and allow its use with variable frequency inverters, and in this case can be suplied with forced ventilation.

This motors comprises cast aluminum frame or cast iron frame. Can be fixed by feet (B3), Flange (B5 or B14) and are available with 2, 4, 6 and 8-pole, with 3000, 1500, 1000 and 750 rpm respectively. They offer the possibility of operating in multi tension and multifrequency.

RMN MOTORS are an exclusive Reiman range.


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LICAT offers in its standard range straight racks and pinions with tooth correction.

This tooth correction allows the optimization of gear, resulting in higher power transmission, a smooth and quiet operation, which increases the service life of the products.

The use of straight racks and pinions with “Extra-High” Toothing ensures a performance similar to helical racks, in the same module, without the hassle of creation undesirable axial forces.

LICAT’s processes of production are carried out internally, from machining to heat treatments and quality control, which ensures the quality of each product.

REIMAN is the exclusive representative of LICAT’s products in Portugal and offers commercial and technical support for each particular application.


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The CH Gearboxes of CHIARAVALLI specially designed for highly demanding applications that require a small product with great versatility in the assembly.

This range of gearboxes allow different mounting positions, and you can select from an assembly by foot or multiple output flanges, allowing a wide range of applications, both in connection to the driven equipment as the system drive (IEC flange or input shaft).

The gearboxes have aluminium housing and are painted with RAL 9022 epoxy to protect the gearboxes against oxidation and corrosion.

The range of each gearbox ratios (7-100) can still be complemented using CHPC pre reduction kits, extending the range up to 300, or combining two gearboxes for reductions of 2800, with output torque 360Nm.

REIMAN is the official representative of CHIARAVALLI in Portugal.


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REIMAN was present in the latest edition of EMAF - International Fair of Machinery, Equipment and Services for Industry, between 19th and 22th November 2014, at EXPONOR.

This edition we had a high number of visitors into the stand, thus counting an increase of over 30% when compared to the previous edition.

We express our special gratitude to all customers, suppliers and industry professionals, who contacted us and contributed to the success of this edition.



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P.E.I. telescopic protections are specially designed to ensure a quality protection of the components where they are applied.

All bellows and metalic protections are designed to meet the characteristics and function of each specific application. The type of the bellows material depends on whether it contacts with corrosive agents, the environment in which it is applied, operating speeds, installation position and other parameters.

The materials used in its design have high quality, making them extremely resistant and with high durability when compared to other brands in the market.

There production process can ensure a good relationship between quality, durability and low cost of the telescopic protections. They may also be provided in different shapes (round, square, metallic, "roll up", among others), depending always on the machine where they are installed.

The P.E.I. GROUP is represented in Portugal by REIMAN.


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The helical precision racks and pinions from LICAT are the best solution to actuation and positioning to applications which require precision linear movements.

Used in CNC equipment, machining centres, navy, energy, printing and railway industries, among others, LICAT is recognized internationally by their high quality and durability.

All processes of production and quality control are made in LICAT facilities, allowing a total quality control of the finished product.

REIMAN is the official representative of LICAT in Portugal.



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ACCURIDE can provide the new slide DS0115RC with the stainless steel guide way and the carriage with ball recirculation bearings.

Available with maximum length of 1,2 m each carriage have an load capacity up to 30 kg with 80,000 cycles of life.

The end stops and the carriages are sold separately to an easier configuration guidance of system to particular applications.

The carriages are available with stainless steel balls or in techno polymer, being lubrication-free.

This new slide allows it to be used with soft-latch systems, allowing controlled movements of high capacities, and avoiding impacts.

REIMAN is the official representative of ACCURIDE for Industrial and electronic industries in Portugal. 


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ROLLON presents the Uniline Systems, characterized by their compact sizes and high performances.

These systems have COMPACT RAIL roller bearings, mounted on a self-sustaining extruded aluminium profile. The linear units are driven by a steel reinforced polyurethane belt system. The horizontal seals and the raceway cleaners fitted on both ends of the carriage ensure full protection from dirt. The linear actuator profile is compatible with an endless number of widely available standard fixing accessories.

Using linear rails from the COMPACT RAIL family ensures excellent performance in terms of speed and life. The rails in the linear axes of the four product series are laid out in different combinations to meet all application requirements. Using long or multiple sliders increases the potential range of applications.

Main fields of application for Uniline System linear units can be applied in automation, packaging and industrial machinery.

ROLLON products are available in Portugal by REIMAN, the exclusive representative.


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EMAF 2014

REIMAN will be present in the 15th edition of EMAF –International Fair of Machinery, Equipment and services for Industry, which will be held from 19th to 22nd of November, in Exponor, Oporto.

This international fair counts with the presence of several industrial sectors, from machines and equipment constructors, robotics, automation and control, industrial maintenance and industrial applied informatics.

As always, REIMAN is present in this exhibition with the presentation of new products from our suppliers, highlighting the most innovative solutions of the market and with special emphasis:

- ELESA+GANTER - Safety hinges and Aluminium Profiles;


- ACCURIDE – Presentation of products range;

- ROLLON – Linear Actuators;

- PEI – Telescopic Covers and Bellows;

- Industrial Gearboxes from CHIARAVALLI, UNIMEC and SITI;

- MELLOR new products to renewable energies;

- INVERTEK – New range of OPTIDRIVE with integrated automaton;

- LICAT – Helical Precision Racks.

REIMAN will be in the stand 5 D20 and invites all the visitors of EMAF, clients and friends to visit us and have contact with the new products and news in exhibition. 


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ELESA+GANTER :: New Stepless Stopping and Fixing GN 826 

Whenever adjustable spindles with control knobs or small handwheels need to be operated and secured against twisting and turning, ELESA+GANTER‘s clamping elements GN 826 are the perfect choice.

Spindles for manual adjustment are normally operated using control knobs, control handwheels and handwheels. This virtually universal solution works perfectly, but it needs an extra element to secure the position of the spindle against dislodging forces caused by vibrations, for instance. For this job, Elesa+Ganter has a pretty inconspicuous but very practical standard element in its product range. 

Available under the standard GN 826, this clamping element made of black anodized aluminium with its reliable and gentle wedging mechanism allows the stepless stopping or braking right through to the full clamping of the spindle. Mounted between adjusting element and spindle bearing, the desired spindle mobility can so be accomplished depending on requirement. Using a clamping screw, the brass clamping wedge is pushed over the spindle axis and the secure loosening action is ensured by the clamping screw moving along when turned back.

If fast and frequent re-clamping actions are required, the design version with a compact adjustable handle is the best choice. In its Type H, it takes the place of the clamping screw which is normally adjusted using a hexagonal box spanner. To account for a wide variety of different installation situations, the ring-shaped standard element can also be mounted with the clamping screw pointing to the right or the left. The GN 826 has also been designed such that it can function as a spindle store for axes diameters ranging from 8 to 10 millimetres. Like every Elesa+Ganter standard element, GN 826 also conforms with RoHS.

REIMAN is the exclusive supplier of ELESA+GANTER in Portugal.


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ACCURIDE :: 2415 Ball Bearing Linear Motion Slide

ACCURIDE provides the new slides 2415 which are ideal where space constraints must be considered.
The slides deliver an especially smooth movement and are sold in pairs; attributes that make the 2415 very competitive in the linear market.

Produced with 8mm of slide thickness and stocked in 8 lengths, from 200 to 550mm, are ideal to apply in game machines, vending machines, printers and photocopiers, and in many others appliances.

These slides have a load rating up to 18.5kg, are sold in pairs and have a zinc finish.  

REIMAN is the official representative of ACCURIDE’s electronic and industrial drawer slides in Portugal.


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ELESA+GANTER presents now the new Crank handles with revolving handle, made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based techno polymer, are suitable for applications that require light movements and limited space.

The I.741+X revolving handles employed are characterized by the grooves cut into the cylindrical surface that allow an effective and ergonomic grip to the fingertips even though the small size.

REIMAN is the official representative of ELESA+GANTER in Portugal.  


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CHIARAVALLI presents the new CHO helical hypoid gear units.

These new products have been conceived to be used instead of worm gearboxes where high efficiency is requested, especially with high ratios, they are interchangeable and guarantee low exercise temperature. They can be connected, through a coupling to standard motors, brake motors and explosion-proof motors.

This kind of gearboxes are widely used where energy saving is requested and with electric motors driven by inverters.

As features, they have the high efficiency, low noise during operation, low temperature

· Universal mounting functioning, without loss of output, and they have aluminium housing, grey RAL 9022 painted.

CHO gearboxes are manufactured in 4 sizes to powers between 0, 12 kW to 4 KW, with ratios from 7,5 to 300 and with maximum torque of 130-500 Nm.

CHIARAVALLI is represented by REIMAN, their official representative in Portugal.

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The assortment of flat swing handles with round cylinder has been exten­ded. Including the new article this product group consists of following systems:

- 2-085SL – Cut out C, SNAP-LINE

- 2-079SL – Cut out 110 x 25, SNAP-LINE

- 2-078SL – Cut out 110 x 25, IP65, SNAP-LINE

- 2-077SL – Cut out C, IP65, SNAP-LINE

- 2-077 – CutoutC, IP65

All of these new articles are available in Portugal by REIMAN, the official representative of DIRAK.


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REIMAN was once again distinguished with the “Cliente Aplauso” status, the former being attributed by Millennium BCP and by EGP – Escola de Gestão do Porto.
The continuous awarding of the Prize is due to REIMAN’S innovative business vision as well as enterprising spirit, criteria considered by Millennium BCP takes into the highest of considerations when proceeding with the renovation of this award.


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REIMAN renew the status of PME Leader in 2014

It is with great satisfaction that REIMAN informs all clients that was distinguished with the SME Leader 2014 award.

The Prize "SME Leader" is assigned by IAPMEI and Tourism of Portugal to Small and Medium Enterprises with higher risk profile and pursuing growth strategies and strengthening their competitive basis. This status is associated with increased notoriety in the market.

This distinction ranks Reiman as one of the companies that maintain high standards in a particularly demanding and competitive economy, overcoming the crisis with growth, consolidated results and active contributions, creating wealth and employment in the region where it operates.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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COMER INDUSTRIES :: Planetary Gear Units

COMER Planetary gear units are the best solution to industrial applications which requires higher torques.

These planetary gear units are available in 21 sizes, selected in function of transmitted torques to the output shaft, which vary from 0,5kNm to 65kNm.

In fact, the planetary drives product modular construction allows the coupling of bevel gears, worm gears, hydraulic brakes and a variety of input shafts to the planetary units, as well as providing for a wide choice of coupling flanges for hydraulic or electric motors.

Another advantage of the planetary drives is that various stages, in different sizes, can be mounted in series to offer a wide range of reduction ratios.

The wide selection of output shafts and flanges simplifies the reduction unit mounting operation on industrial machinery or plants.

REIMAN is the official representative of COMER INDUSTRIES in Portugal. Please, contact us to any further question

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ROLLON provides the PLUS SYSTEM series. This range consists of highly protected linear units featuring a self-sustaining anodized aluminum structure and a steel re-enforced driving belt. This is a line of exceptionally sturdy and high performance actuators in terms of load, moment control, speed and acceleration.

The main features of these products are the high load capacity and speed, associated to low wear and noise.

The Plus System linear units are made by using extruded anodized,which houses bearings, linear rails, nuts and bolts and components made of low carbon SS AISI 303 and 404C steel, preventing or delaying corrosion caused by the environments where the linear units are used. Lubrication with food grade organic vegetable oils, allow the linear actuators to be used in highly sensitive and crucial applications, such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries.The PLUS SYSTEM series consists of 3 distinct products with different features:

- ELM – available in four sizes (from 50mm to 110 mm), to corrosive applications which requires high speeds with heavy loads and high repeatability.

– ROBOT, available in four sizes (from 100 to 220mm), especially designed for applications requiring higher load capacities with high levels of fluctuation and inclination, with greater rigidity and allows its use in industrial applications. This serie doesn’t need lubrication.

-SC, available in the sizes 65, 130 and 160mm and are specifically designed for vertical motion in gantry applications, or in those applications where the aluminum profile must move while the carriage remains fixed. Main fields of application are automation, production and assembly lines, packaging, food and beverage. It is specifically designed and configured to be compatible and assembled with the ROBOT Series actuators without the need for adaptor plates.

REIMAN is the official representative of ROLLON in Portugal. 


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UNIMEC :: Bevel Gearboxes

UNIMEC bevel gearboxes have been designed and manufactured for 30 years using an inthe van technology and mechanical solutions according to the state of the art to be able to meet the growing requirements of a demanding and sophisticated market. Nine sizes, tenths of mounting schemes, a range of serial ratios up to 1/12 and the possibility of a customized design having no equal, make of UNIMEC a reliable partner in the field of the motion transmission.
The practical cubic shape of bevel gearboxes allows universal mounting possibilities on every kind of machines.
Bevel gearboxes are also very versatile with regard to the shafts choice and the possibility of a direct mounting on any kind of motors, from the normal IEC to brushless motors, to pneumatic motors and so on. High running efficiency, low noise are the logical consequences of the application of Gleason® type spiral teeth conical gears; the use of this kind of geometry and suitable thermal treatments place UNIMEC's bevel gearboxes on top of this mechanical sector. 

You can find the entire range of UNIMEC in REIMAN, their official representative in Portugal.

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SYNCHRO-TEL is a mechanical system which synchronizes the opening and closure of medium sized telescopic covers.

This system is ideal for working at high speeds and acceleration. The shaft mechanism of the SYNCHRO-TEL telescopic cover eliminates any collision between the boxes and it  generates minimum stress on the pivots.

Laboratorial testings and calculations prove SYNCHRO-TEL to be the most reliable and durable synchro system on the current market.

To any technical question about PEI Group products, you can contact REIMAN, official representative in Portugal.


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ACCURIDE :: Telescopic Slides to High Temperatures

ACCURIDE offers in its product range the slides DS3031, totally produced in stainless steel.

This slide requires the use of a suitable lubricant to food industry, allowing its use in environments with temperatures up to 300º C.

Produced to domestic, industrial and laboratorial applications, these slides have a load rating up to 80kg (during 10.000 cycles), extending the drawer 100% of its length with 19.1mm slide thickness.

REIMAN is the official representative of ACCURIDE’s electronic and industrial drawer slides in Portugal.



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DIRAK :: Foamed Sealings for Latches

For the Compression Latches stainless steel 2-078 and 2-079, the O-rings in the groove under the head will be replaced by a foamed sealing.

This new O-rings ensures an simple mounting, allowing the perfect adjustment of the latch to the surface where its applied.

This change of the sealing to compression latches adds quality to the product without doi9ng any change in its value.

REIMAN provides DIRAK products in Portugal.


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Elesa+Ganter introduce the new range ELEROLL modular roller tracks for idle handling.

The roller tracks can be assembled by fixing the roller and ball elements inside the aluminium profiles

ELEROLL modular roller tracks allow to create easily and quickly sliding and containing benches suitable for several applications in different fields, for example, feeding and discharging benches in construction machinery, storage and picking systems, packaging machinery, plates and panels handling.

These modular roller tracks are made with soft materials, in order to avoid risks and marks, which enable their usage with delicate materials, like glass and wood.

ELESA+GANTER is represented in Portugal by REIMAN.


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ELESA+GANTER :: New Versions of Spoked Handwheels

The range of VRTP-P+I-SST and VRTP-P+IR-SST spoked handwheels with solid section has been subject of major changes. These products are particularly suitable in sectors requiring the observance of hygienic laws as, for example, food processing, pharmaceutical, medical and many other sectors.

The technopolymers used for both handwheels and handles are now certified in compliance with FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and they are combined with metal parts made of AISI 304 and AISI 316L stainless steel which guarantee a higher hygiene and corrosion resistance.

Standard Executions:

-- VRTP-P+I-SST with revolving handle type I.621+x-SST

- VRTP-P+IR-SST with fold-away handle type IR.620-SST

Corrosion Resistance:

1-    Boss: AISI 304 stainless steel

2-    Revolving handle pin: AISI 304 stainless steel

3-    Pin, bushing and internal components of the fold-away handle: AISI 304 stainless steel. Support made of AISI 316L stainless steel.

6- Boss-cap: AISI 304 stainless steel

Absence of Recesses:

4-Solid Rim

5-Ribs without recesses and reduced engravings

You can find ELESA+GANTER products in REIMAN, official representative in Portugal. 

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DIRAK :: Online Sizing of Hinges

DIRAK provides on its website a simple and fast tool to select hinges.

The simulator allows you to select several variables to find the best product that suits your needs. Available in three languages ​​(English, Spanish and German), this tool reduces the search time for a workable solution for the intended application and avoids errors in the selection of products.

Initially, select the option displayed on the home page as "Hinge Calculator". Then select the number of the door hinges, discriminate if the hinges are symmetric, which hinge system you want to apply (PR01 to PR05) and the height and width of the door. By pressing "Calculate", there will appear the first ten results suggested for the application.

You can find DIRAK products in REIMAN, official distributor in Portugal.


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HIWIN :: New Precision Rotary Tables TMN

HIWIN expanded its range of precision rotary tables with TMN series. This serie is ultra-thin and is an extremely lightweight model, specially designed for applications which require high rigidity and precision, such as in the production of solar cells, semiconductors or LED, where required dimensions are smaller.

These rotary tables don’t need maintenance, whether achieved through the use of precision bearings and optical encoders with an accuracy of ± 10 arcsec and with a repeatability of ± 2.5 arcsec.

Its maximum speed is 700 rotations per minute and is available with diameters of 118, 179 and 230 mm, and heights of 45, 50 and 55 mm.

You can find these products at REIMAN, official representative of HIWIN in Portugal.


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ELESA+GANTER :: Stainless Steel Star Knobs

Elesa+Ganter manufacture stainless steel star knobs from a single piece of metal. For a good reason: multi-part elements invariably have joints and gaps where particles of dirt and bacteria can settle, there is now no way dirt and bacteria can settle on these new star knobs. The sealed surface and the large radii at the corners and edges make cleaning and disinfecting the knobs easy work. Free of problem zones, these standard elements are especially suitable for the food industry and for use in medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

With the GN 5335, Elesa+Ganter has for many years offered a hygienically optimized standard part, with an ergonomically improved family of knobs now following under the designation GN 5345.

With its characteristic shape, the new three-star knob with three recessed shell-type grips delivers a much better transmission of power, allowing higher torques when tightening the knobs by hand.

The GN 5345 three-star knob is available with matt blasted surface.

Next to the hygienically perfect design variant with tapped blind hole and sealed front, Elesa+Ganter also offers a variant with threaded through hole or an unthreaded version for special threads.

Available in stainless steel grades AISI 303 and AISI 316L (GN 5345.4) and with thread sizes M6 to M12, the knobs conforming with RoHS are also a practical and attractive choice in perfectly normal applications, because appearance, touch and functionality harmonize in perfection.

You can find ELESA+GANTER products through REIMAN, official representative in Portugal.


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ROLLON :: R-SMART Actuator 

ROLLON launched in the market a new range of products: R-SMART actuators.

This actuator combines high levels of efficiency with a simple construction and mounting, having a great relationship between value and benefits.

It is ideal for industrial applications which require long strokes and high load capacity, especially on assembly lines and industrial automation systems.

The R-Smart Series, featuring a reinforced polyurethane toothed belt drive with steel inserts, consists of an anodized extruded aluminum self-bearing profile (6060 alloy) and of recirculating ball rails, which optimize the compact size and the heavy load capacity of the linear unit. More specifically, the maximum static load capacity on the three axes is equal to 9190 N (Fx), 237,000 N (Fy), 237,000 N (Fz).

The ball recirculation technology combines high load capacity and a smooth motion, up to 4 m/s speed and 50 m/s2 acceleration.

The simple construction of the actuator ensures quick fitting and fast lubrication as the rails are positioned externally to the extruded aluminum profile.

These new ROLLON’s actuators are available by REIMAN.


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ACCURIDE offers in its product range the slides DZ2002, DZ2026 and DZ3630. These slides have a distinctive feature: they allow bidirectional movements.

Ideals for applications in Transfers and Passboxes for Hospital and Medical Industry, and cabinets with bilateral access, these slides have a load capacity up to 50kg. They reach a length up to 100% of the initial length and have a "Hold-In" system that fixes the slide to the center to it doesn’t slide inadvertently.

REIMAN is the official representative of ACCURIDE in Portugal.


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MELLOR :: FBSY T3 AC Synchronous Motor

The heavyweight of MELLOR’s range now incorporates a low speed with a quiet operation bi-directional synchronous motor designed with pellet fired appliances in mind where a reversible motor is required. For example ash removal and cleaning are typical examples although it is equally suited for many other applications requiring an AC reversible motor. High quality engineering ensures a quiet and long running life with output shaft length and diameter to suit individual customer requirements.

The FBSY AC synchronous gear motor is suitable for use in: pellet stoves, pellet burners, pellet boilers, agricultural equipment, wood burning stoves, valve actuation, food and restaurant equipment, medical equipment, packaging machinery, point of sale displays and many other applications.

You can find MELLOR Motors in REIMAN, official representative in Portugal.


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PEI :: Telescopic Steel Covers for Shafts and Bearings

Telescopic steel covers of P.E.I. are specially designed to ensure a great protection of components where they’re applied.

The materials used in their production allow them to have a great strength and durability when in contact with chemicals, high temperatures and high speeds.

Its manufacturing process enables thus to ensure a good relationship between quality, durability and low cost of these protections. They can also be supplied in several formats, depending on the specific application of each client.

REIMAN represents and provides technical support at P.E.I. Group products in Portugal.


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Accuride :: New Soft-Close, Medium Duty Drawer Slide

With a load rating of up to 55kg, the 5417EC provides a dampened soft-close for applications that need a positive, yet quiet movement.

The integrated soft close mechanism acts in the last 45mm, which allows slowing the closing action down and bringing the drawer closed in a controlled and smooth manner without user's intervention. The same type is available in 3832 to loads up to 36kg, and in the 5321EC to loads up to 100kg. 

This new products are available in Portugal by REIMAN.



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TGB Group :: Slewing Rings

The slewing rings are categorized within the group of mechanical transmission applications, gears and bearings. They are composed by two rings, an inner and an outer one joined by balls or rollers, and designed to support large axial and radial loads, tilting moments and to turn at low speeds. One of the main characteristics of slewing rings is the ease of assembly since the inner and outer rings come with holes to be screwed directly onto the desired surface, which reduces costs considerably.

Slewing rings are classified into three groups:

-Slewing Rings without Gear (SD)

-Slewing rings with expernal gear,

-Slewing rings with internal gears

These slewing ring types are further classified according to the size of the balls or rollers, the diameters of the rings, the number of ball rows or rollers, and so on.

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MELLOR :: T6 Series AC Gear Motor Units

Our most versatile offering, the UBT6 series AC gear motor is available with four different lid options to suit a wide range of mountings. Used extensively in pumps, vending machines and animated displays, this unit is the perfect solution for any application that requires a quiet, robust and reliable gearbox. Available with SC9 AC, Synchronous AC, DC and Brushless DC versions. Output shaft length and diameter to suit individual customer requirements.

Available with an SC9 AC motor in 6 stator stack sizes. 

Output Torque: Up to 8Nm depending on speed and motor size

Speed Range: 2.4 - 290 rpm

The T6 AC Gear Motor is suitable for use in: food and restaurant equipment - conveyor toasters, kebab machines, hot dog rollers, oil skimmers - lathes, laminators, dehumidifiers, packaging equipment, ventilation equipment, vending machines, peristaltic pumps, diagphragm pumps, amusement machines, valve actuators, point of sale displays, instrumentation, HVAC, turntables, scientific equipment & medical equipment.

You can find this motors in REIMAN.


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ELESA+GANTER :: Tubular Handles with High Resistivity

The new M.1043-HEI tubular handles are characterized by a tube made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester, black colour, and handle shanks made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based technopolymer.

This two characteristics ensure a high electrical insulation to M.1043-HEI handles.

You can find this new handles in REIMAN.


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INVERTEK Adds Osciloscope Function to OptiTools Studio

Invertek Drives has added an oscilloscope function to its OptiTools Studio which it will be launching at the SPS IPC Drives show in Nuremburg next week.

OptiTools Studio is a powerful PC based commissioning and programming application, compatible with Optidrive products. Invertek has introduced the oscilloscope function to help with commissioning and fault finding, as well as helping customers monitor energy usage.

The oscilloscope function allows the user to monitor constantly varying signals in real time and display these variations on a two-dimensional graph. The resulting waveforms provide useful information on various signals levels within the Optidrive, such as output current, DC Bus Voltage, analog input levels etc.

Technical Manager, Kes Beech, explains in more detail, “The scope function means users will be able to view drive data in real time and log traces, even at very high speeds. As with all of Invertek’s products, ease of use is paramount - the scope function benefits from a user friendly design which is simple to use by our customers worldwide.

“The scope function can be used with E2, P2, HVAC, Eco and Elevator drives. With the release of V1.30 firmware, all P2 and HVAC drives will feature an onboard high speed data logger, allowing sample rates as low as 1ms, and this feature will also be carried over to the Elevator and Eco drives in future.”

The new P2 and HVAC firmware, which will be available in time for SPS, can be downloaded directly within Optitools Studio to enable the high speed scope function.

You can find more informations about this new funtion in REIMAN.


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HIWIN :: Coating Protections to Linear Guideways

The HIWIN series HG, EG, WE are available to delivery with two different types of anti-corrosion coatings.

The HG range, linear guides and blocks, counts now with a permanent stock of the products with this new revestiment.

The new HICOAT CZS coating has a very thin layer of zinc which ensures an optimum protection aganist corrosion, even rays and chamfers. It allows also an superior durability in service when compared with guides without this treatment.

To an larger protection aganist corrosion and wear, HIWIN, offers the HICOAT CTS treatment, with a thin layer of chromium of high-strength. The CTS revestiment don't have Cr (VI) and allows its usage in food industry.

This linear guideweays are available in Portugal by REIMAN, with a delivery time of 3 to 8 days.  


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REIMAN :: Accuride's Authorized for the Industrial and Electronic Range



REIMAN and ACCURIDE established a distribution agreement for the industrial and electrical ranges, thus supporting Portuguese companies in proper product selection and application.

Accuride is known as a worldwide company dedicated to the manufacture of slides and telescopic linear guides for drawer systems.

Funded in the USA in 1962 it presently has more than 92 903m2 of production area distributed globally.

Accuride was the first American telescopic slides manufacturer to receive the ISO 9000 certification, being also certificated by the international standard TS16949 to supply the automobile industry.

With a yearly steel consumption of over 45 359 227 Kg destined only to the manufacture of slides, it distinguishes itself by the variety and quality of available solutions for OEM and specific industries.

The know-how and presence of REIMAN in the industrial market will allow an easier access and product selection support from Portuguese companies to ACCURIDE’s products in these particular sectors.


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HIWIN :: Profile Rail Guides in Miniature

HIWIN expanded its product portfolio with the miniature profile rail guides TMN.

The existing MG series is complemented by the TMN series as a high-end product in miniature guideways. The expertise lies in innovative systems for a better running performance (low friction and synchronous functioning), and low operating noise. The special design of the plastic ball return created between the return duct and the balls permits no metal-to-metal contact between the balls. Thanks to the stainless steel construction of the rails, blocks and balls, these units also offer optimum corrosive protection. The TMN- profile rail guides can, as well as the MG guides, support loads from all directions, while ensuring high rigidity and precision. They are extremely compact, making them ideal for use in miniature machines. This new system profile rail guides are about 20 % lighter than other comparable rail guides. Typical applications are the semiconductor and printed circuit board manufacturing, medical technology, robotics, test and measurement, and office automation. The MG- profile rail guides are still available in the series MGN and MGW for normal loads as wide design for greater torque loads. There are four sizes (MG07, MG09, MG12 and MG15) , three accuracy classes as well as standard or long blocks to choose from . For the new TMN series, the available sizes are TMN05, TMN09 TMN12 ant  sizes TMN03, TMN07 and TMN15 are currently being developed.


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DIRAK :: 1-162 Flush Latch

This new product from DIRAK combines the function of two products (latch and hinge) into one. This latch functions as a hinge when engaged. Turning the insert secures the  latch into closed position. Unlatching is possible by turning the insert in opposite.

DIRAK products are distributed by REIMAN.


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ROLLON :: Light Weight Rails

ROLLON Group, a leader in the production of linear motion systems for various sectors, has revealed the latest innovation developed by its R&D team: a telescopic guide rail that is 30% lighter than the standard product.

The new DE series is one-third lighter than the basic product, and was designed to meet the needs of aircraft interior builders. These rails combine the benefits of reduced weight and volume, with quality and reliability. The hardened raceways of the rails can run for over 100,000 cycles, even under high loads (around 130kg applied to the end with the rail in the fully extracted position), and maintain their ability to self-align with the mounting surfaces. this enables the aircraft interior apparatus to slide smoothly without any friction, while providing improved ergonomics and greater comfort for passengers.

The construction features of the new lightweight linear component make it particularly suitable for applications such as the movement of first and business class seats in aircraft, as well as the movement of seats, headrests, armrests and pull-out tables. The DE Series is also available with an anti-corrosion treatment.


REIMAN distributes ROLLON in Portugal. 

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MELLOR :: T3 AC Series Motors

The heavyweight of the MELLOR range, the FBT3, is a low speed, high torque unit designed for pellet fired appliances and fresh brew vending systems in mind, although it is equally suited for many other applications. High quality engineering ensures a quiet and long running life and it is available with SC9 AC, Synchronous AC, DC and Brushless DC versions to suit a wide range of applications. Output shaft length and diameter are customized to suit individual customer requirements. 

The T3 AC Gear Motor is suitable for use in: pellet stoves, pellet burners, pellet boilers, agricultural equipment, composting (waterless) toilets, food and restaurant equipment - conveyor toasters, kebab machines, hot dog rollers, scientific equipment, medical equipment, packaging equipment, vending machines, fresh brew coffee systems, ice makers, peristaltic pumps, diaphragm pumps, amusement machines, point of sale displays, instrumentation & turntables.

MELLOR is distributed by REIMAN.




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RMN Motors :: REIMAN

REIMAN's RMN Motors range have the guarantee of  best  price and quality in the market for immediate delivery.

This line of motors is available up to 200kW and they can be provided in IE1 (standard) and IE2 (high efficiency), according to the European regulations for  eco-design.

Motors up to the size IEC 132 are specially designed to be applied in gearboxes, as they have specific mechanical and electrical features to this usage. They are also appropriate for any other industrial applications, provided that the motor specifications are met.

The motors are IP55, with F class insulation  and  allow their usage with frequency converters, in this case, a forced ventilation kit is also available.



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New MPE and MPR folding handles in Technopolymer From ELESA + GANTER

The new MPE and MPR folding handles are made of glass-fiber reinforced polyamide based tecnopolimer.

The AISI 302 stainless steel return springs allow the handles to fold down automatically.

MPE : Folding handle with return spring

MPR Folding handle with recessed tray and return spring.


ELESA + GANTER is distributed by REIMAN


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All Stainless Steel Clamping Levers with Eccentrical Cam


Clamping Levers with eccentrical cam are commonly found in fixture construction and offer a fast, torque-free clamping and release of connections for many application.

This range has been extended for full stainless steel versions GN 927.7. Here the contact plate is now made of stainless steel.


ELESA + GANTER products are distributed by REIMAN



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ELESA+GANTER :: New Range Extension GN 237

Hinges with extended wings GN 237 are manufactured to accomplish a compact and sturdy construction. They are used when larger spacing’s are required for the attachment of the fixing screws.

REIMAN represents ELESA+GANTER in Portugal.

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Optidrive P2 was developed from the outset to take advantage of these new motor technologies and offer maximum efficiency and best performance when operated with standard induction motors, permanent magnet or synchronous reluctance. Whilst these motor types are still relatively new, the control algorithms used within Optidrive P2 have been developed and tested over several years, providing valuable experience and insight into the operation of each motor type, and as a result providing market leading performance with all types of motors.

REIMAN represents INVERTEK in Portugal.


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REIMAN :: Bellows and Protections to Industrial Equipment

REIMAN offers the products and the experience of P.E.I. Group, considered as a European leader in the production of protections for industrial equipment. This company is known by their quality, innovation and competitiveness, using high quality materials and components and also sophisticated production technologies. The PEI range includes protection bellows, telescopic steel covers, roll-up covers, flat covers, wipers and brushes, in several materials and different geometries according with the requirements of each application. These products are used in new machines, as well as the maintenance and retrofitting of old machines. The typical applications of these products include the protection and the shielding of machine-tools, laser, plasma and water jet cutting machines, CNC machines of several axis, turntables, profiled bellows for precision equipment, etc. The broad range of materials and solutions allows the use of these products in aggressive environments such as wood and stone industries, maintaining an efficient protection.


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A série WE da HIWIN apresenta iguais capacidades de carga na direção radial, radial inversa e lateral com pontos de contacto a 45 graus. A elevada capacidade de carga, aliada a uma guia larga, permite a sua utilização em aplicações de elevadas cargas, momentos e rigidez.

A sua conceção promove o auto-alinhamento de forma a absorver a maioria dos erros de instalação, mantendo uma grande precisão. A utilização de uma única guia e o seu baixo perfil promovem um baixo centro de gravidade tornando-a ideal para aplicações onde o espaço é limitado, mas a aplicação está sujeita a elevados momentos. A HIWIN é representada em Portugal de forma exclusiva pela REIMAN.


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The pellet stoves or boilers are devices that allow you to generate heat by burning biomass in the form of wood pellets.

The operation consists in burning this fuel in a highly efficient manner through a slow feed to the furnace, maintaining a steady flame, requiring little or no physical adjustment.

The power to the furnace is performed through a small worm conveyor which transfers the pellets to the storage tank furnace, in turn, is usually actuated by a gear motor low speed running through the tension of the home network.

The Mellor Electrics is one of the world's largest manufacturers of these gear motors being recognized for precision, high reliability and longevity of your equipment.

Originally founded in 1964, Mellor Electrics has constantly grown and evolved to meet the needs of its customers. Certified to BS EN ISO9001: 2008 and UL certification, the engines Mellor manufactures high quality and according to the specific requirements of each customer and application.

With various types of engines that can be mounted on a wide range of gear boxes lubricated for life, Mellor products are used not only in pellet stoves, but in all sorts of applications that require a compact, reliable, accurate and long life as is the case of vending machines, peristaltic pumps, catering equipment, animated displays, scientific equipment, etc..

The project is carried out internally, in order to adapt the product to the needs of each application, where it is possible to carry out a special order in a short time.

The Mellor Electrics is represented in Portugal by REIMAN.



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DIRAK :: Innovating in Compliance of the Directive Machines

According with the directive 2006/42/CE of European Parliament, “The machine must be designed and constructed in a way to afford means of access that allow to reach, with security, all the places  where intervention is necessary during the operation, adjustment and maintenance of the machine".

The snap-line range of DIRAK has adequate products which comply with the directive of machines while maintaining ease the operation and flexibility of usage that machine manufacturers seek, in an advantageous quality / price ratio.

The DIRAK is represented in Portugal by REIMAN.


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It was the year 1981 when Mr. Luigi Maggioni started the adventure called UNIMEC; 30 years later our name has become a synonym for screw jacks, bevel gearboxes and speed modulation gears, because the passion for our job and our love for mechanics could not but create a quality product which is highly appreciated all over the world. UNIMEC head offices are situated in Usmate-Velate, in the Milan hinterland and extend on a productive area of 15000 m2 of which 8000 are covered and have been given over to the production and offices. Wide areas are assigned to the metrological rooms and to the automated stores, while a big meeting room containing more than 40 seats is the ideal background for our staff’s as well as for our agents’ training. The harmony and simplicity of our head offices are the witness of the elegance and the precision in the realization of our products.


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ROLLON’s new family of telescopic rails bridges the gap between cheap drawer slides and heavy duty telescopic linear bearings.
ROLLON’s experience making heavy-duty linear bearings and drawer slides has given us the knowledge to develop this new family characterized by simple and economical designs assembled from heavier guage steel.
Fully telescopic movement equal to more than the total closed length but assembled with a reenforced intermediate member for added strength and load capacity.

ROLLON is presented in Portugal by REIMAN.


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One particularly compact solution for clamping and braking without pressure is the RBPS series for round rods, based on the tried and tested wedge-type gear principle. 
The RBPS elements – with spring accumulators – can be used as a precision positioning system or as an emergency brake in the event of a power failure. The spring force is released without pressure and the element clamps or brakes and enables holding forces up to 60,000 N at a pneumatic opening pressure of only 4 bar. 
They can be used for shaft diameters from 6 to 60 mm; a feature when re-starting is that resetting is not required, which enables cycle times to be reduced. 

ZIMMER is represented in Portugal by REIMAN.


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INVERTEK Controls Special Effects in Cruise Blockbuster

Invertek’s Southern distributor, EMR Silverthorn, was recently approached by the special effects team at Warner Brothers who needed to source motors and drives for use in a new blockbuster film which wrapped up filming at the Leavesden studios near Watford last month.

EMR supplied seven 18.5KW Optidrive P2 drives and geared brake motors which were used to control the space craft bomb doors and travelling towers in different scenes. The drives allowed the same motors to be used for both high and low speed winch type applications. The SFX team was assisted by technical staff from Invertek to achieve the stunning visual effects demanded by this high-action thriller.

‘All You Need Is Kill’, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, is based on a Japanese sci-fi novel about a soldier fighting a war with aliens. In a similar vein to Groundhog Day, the soldier keeps repeating the final day before his death and gradually learns how to defeat his enemy. The film uses fantastical, futuristic imagery teamed with stunning visual effects which ensure viewers experience an action packed adventure from start to finish.

EMR’s Managing Director, Chris Fletcher, said, “Our business brings us into contact with a range of industries and it’s always interesting to see the different applications that motors and drives are used in. Being asked to supply and commission products for use in a major Hollywood production was a bit different to the usual enquiries we receive although we have built a reputation for a few years in the Special Effects industry and many contacts ask for our assistance with motors and drives applications.”

EMR has previously supplied products used in a number of blockbusters including the Harry Potter movies, Black Hawk Down, War Horse and many of the Bond movies. 

Chris continues, “We’ve worked with Warner Brothers on various occasions previously so the team knew it was in safe hands when it ordered from us. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished result on the big screen!”

All You Need is Kill is due to be released in the UK in summer 2014.

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New CAD-Configurator for Ballscrews and Linear Guideways

Our CAD-Configurator for linear guideways had over 10,000 downloads within the last 3 months. A great result and a good reason for an extension. Today we introduce the new Configurator for ballscews. The users have the ability to configure their individual ballscrew. Spindle length, end machining, accuracy class and the desired nut can be selected by mouse click. The configurator converts the data directly into a 2D or 3D CAD-model. This can be downloaded in all common formats, or can be insert directly by "Click2CAD" into the design software of the user.


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1-067 Compression Latch Pr19.1 in zinc die

The new Compression Latch 1-067 is especially well suited for applications that require quick and secure locking in high vibration situations. The low profile design (only 4.5mm/0.177inch high) significantly reduces protrusion. Some of the technical features and advantages are:

•The compression range of 7mm provides the necessary pressure to compress larger sealing profi les.

• The locked/unlocked indicator on the housing offers clear and distinct identifi cation for the user.

• The powder coated, vibration proof, Compression Latch can be used in many different applications.

• Water and dust tight according to IP65 DIN EN 60529.

• 5mm cams hold their shape under extreme demands.

• The variable H-dimension ensures optimal fi t for most applications using cams having 3 different offsets and a length of L33mm/1.3“.

This Compression Latch conforms to international requirements and can be used to replace Quarter-Turns in existing applications. There are six available inserts that account for approximately 80% of usage.


How does the Compression Latch work?

Locking process:The first 90 degree rotation moves the cam behind the frame into the latched position. The door cannot be opened. The next 90 degree rotation pulls the cam 7mm toward the frame compressing the seal. The door is latched and free of play.

Opening process: A 90 degree counterturn will decompress the sealing profile. The door will move slightly but will not open. Excess pressure is then believed before the door is opened. An additional 90 degree counterturn completely unlatches the door.


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New sling gears: Shackles GN584 and GN 585

Elesa+Ganter has enlarged its range of sling gears with straight shackles GN 584 and cranked shackles GN 585. Shackles are used, for instance, in lifting systems and in static systems as interchangeable connecting elements in order to interlink chains, wire ropes, slings or other types of sling gear.


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Conceived for a broad spectrum of applications, typical of new market segments, ERGOSTYLE® elements are destined for hospital and medical equipment and laboratory fittings, office furnishings, leisure and sporting equipment, and, generally, wherever aesthetics and user-friendliness are key requirements for the market success of a product. A basic feature of the new elements, besides a perfect ergonomic function, is that of adding to the quality and value of the equipment for which they have been designed, by fully blending with it. 

ELESA+GANTER is represented in Portugal by REIMAN.


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ELESA + GANTER :: New Range of Traction Latches

ELESA + GANTER launched an extension of the range of traction latches.

The new series TLL, TLP, TLN and TLM, with or without blockage by lock, are available in zinc and stainless steel, characterized by their compact dimensions and easier to operate.

ELESA + GANTER is represented in Portugal by REIMAN.


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REIMAN recognized as PME Excellence 2012


Reiman was distinguished with the PME Excellence 2012 award, in a national presentation, presided by the Minister of Economy and Employment, with the presence of the Secretary of State for Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Innovation.

PME Excellence is a subset of the PME Leader award that prizes the best results in economic and financial management in 2011, with financial ratios, strength and profits above the national average.

This distinction ranks Reiman as one of the companies that maintain high standards in a particularly demanding and competitive economy, overcoming the crisis with growth, consolidated results and active contributions, creating wealth and employment in the region where it operates.

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REIMAN was present in another edition of EMAF - International Exhibition of Machine Tools and Accessories, this year simultaneously with the FIMAP-International Woodworking Machines Fair and Ferralia - Exhibition of Auxiliary Equipment and Accessories for the Wood Industry.



This event had special importance with the presentation of the new Plastechdepartment - Plastic Materials for engineering applications. REIMAN currently offers a complete range of these products.


With an exhibition area of 81m2 and an visitor increase of over 20% compared to last fair, REIMAN presented all the product range with special emphasis in new products:


AD :: CHIARAVALLI- CHO, new range of highly efficient hypoid gearboxes - MELLOR motors, TGB- slew drives, UNIMEC- screw jacks and bevel gear boxes, SITI gearboxes and INVERTEK motor drives and complete power transmission range


ESD :: ELESA + GANTER new products, DIRAK- SNAP-LINE range focused on the machine safety directive, complete range of telescopic rails from ROLLON and PINET range of products


LTD :: HIWIN, complete range of guideways and ballscrews, ground shafts, protection bellows and ZIMMER clamping and breaking elements.

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REIMAN, Cliente Aplauso 2012

REIMAN was once again distinguished with the "Cliente Aplauso“ award, attributed by Millennium BCP and by EGP – Escola de Gestão do Porto.

This award distinguishes REIMAN’S innovative business vision as well as enterprising spirit, in criteriadefined by Millennium BCP and taken into the highest of considerations when proceeding with the renovation of this status. 




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Chiaravalli :: Launch of the new CHA Gearbox Range

The CHIARAVALLI TRANSMISSIONI S.P.A. (Italy) launched in January its new series of CHA gearboxes.

Available for immediate delivery, this range has an extensive list of applications. These productss are characterized by their versatility of use, allowing torques between 200 and 17000 Nm and power output up to 220 kW. Its construction allows total interchangeability with other products on the market.

As an added functionality, there is the “backstop” kit, this system blocks the reverse of rotation, which is especially useful in  the start and stop of high loads working as a safe feature and increasing the life or the gearbox.

The tension torque arm is connected directly to the gearbox, simplifying the assembly and allowing simple belt adjustment.






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PME LEADER 2010 2011
The statue of “PME LÍDER” is assigned by IAPMEI and the Tourism of Portugal to small and medium sized enterprises with higher risk profile and pursuing growth strategies and strengthening their competitive basis. This status is associated with increased notoriety in the market and allows access to different financial instruments to facilitate the growth and preparation of new models of funding management. The REIMAN fulfilled the various criteria and access was granted the status of 'PME LEADER "in December 2010.
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At the closing of the 2008 edition of this prestigious fair, REIMAN makes a positive assessment with renewed confidence in the future. 

With an appealing stand, allusive to the celebration of the 20th anniversary and the new corporate image, there were many visitors who had the opportunity to know REIMAN and see our  product range.

Since long-standing customers to new contacts, they all had the opportunity to know or review the product range that Reiman offers as well as the latest innovations from each of the represented companies. 

A special note to Chiaravalli that presented the CH and CHC product line, 100% interchangeable with VF, W and C gearboxes of Bonfiglioli. 

Together with Invertek, REIMAN also presented the new motor drive OPTIDRIVE E2 IP55, with IP55/NEMA 12 protection class, ideal for the more aggressive environments. 

We wish to thank our customers and friends for the visit to the fair and invitate them to visit our headoffice in Maia, to get to know our products in first hand.

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REIMAN :: What to see in EMAF 2010

REIMAN will be present at EMAF 2010 with various products and news of it's three departments.

In the AD - Automation  Drives Department you’ll find gearboxes and power transmission components from CHIARAVALLI,  planetary gearboxes from COMER INDUSTRIES and also the range of SITI products, i.e. the range of gearboxes and mechanical variable speed drives. Also included will be the range of electric motors ELECTRO ADDA, that specializes in the manufacture of electrical motors. We will present for the first time the range of IMO Slew Drives for various industrial applications. The highlight applications for this equipments are the rotation of solar trackers, cranes and blade rotation systems for wind turbines. There will be a particular focus on the variable frequency inverters from INVERTEK DRIVES, as well as products in the RMN range.

From the ESD Department - Standards, Fasteners and Fixings, REIMAN presents standard elements  for machines from ELESA+GANTER, that  provide the largest and most complete range of standard products. We also highlight the range of hardware accessories from DIRAK, for applications in multiple sectors like the production of electrical and industrial enclosures. You can also find the PINET line of products and the full range of guides and telescopic rails from ROLLON.

In the LTD Department - Linear Technology Department, REIMAN will present, for the first time, the full range of the world recognized manufacturer HIWIN for linear motion technology. We will be glad to welcome you at Boot 5D30.


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OPTIDRIVE :: Flexible Solutions with Integrated Motor


The OPTIDRIVE PCE is a product that integrates motor and inverter, available for motors up to 2.2 kW.

Available for 200 - 240V ± 10% single phase or 380 - 480V ± 10% three-phase power supply, the OptiDrive PCE has the following specifications:

- Sensorless Vector Control, 200% torque at 0.0 Hz 

- IP55 

- Available with potentiometer or keypad 

- Suitable for motors up to 2.2 kW 

- Supplied with a universal adapter for various types of motors


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DIRAK :: Solutions in Polyamide


1-095 Quarter Turn Pr 20.1

-18 Double insulated quarter turn in polyamide 

- standard cut Pr 20.1 - 90º rotation to close 

- Large selection of keys and inserts 

- Suitable for 2-3 point locking

- For right and left hand applications 

- Water and dust tight according to IP 65 

- Material: Housing Polyamide/Durethan 


Concealed Hinge Pr02 120º The new hinge for nesting doors is specially designed for quick installation 

- Toolless assembly trough simple clip-in process 

- Space saving design 

- The spring loaded pin allows for an easy and quick installation and removal of the door 

- No loose parts when unhinged 

- For right and left hand doors

- The hinge is installed after painting 

- Material: housing polyamide, steel pin



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REIMAN :: Solar Tracking Solutions

REIMAN offers in its product range, suitable solutions for solar tracking systems of any size. 

For panels up to 30m2, we provide a kit comprising a slew drive gear and a linear actuator to control the rotation and tilt of the panel (Azimuth and Zenith axis). 

All components can operate at 24V or 230V and can be connected to control and security systems.

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REIMAN, Cliente Aplauso 2009

REIMAN was recognized as "Cliente Aplauso 2009 " by Millennium BCP and the EGP (Management School of Pporto). 

To receive this award means to be distinguished as a company  with innovative vision of business and entrepreneurial spirit.

This distinction is atributed to companies and entrepreneurs, with annual turnover of less than 7.5 euros, that elect the Millennium BCP as it's financial partner and meet criteria for consistency, economic performance, dynamism and modernity in it's business.




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Levelling Elements GN 440.5 - Now Avaliable with vulcanized rubber


ELESA+GANTER introduced a new product to  their range of Levellings Elements. The GN 440 / GN 440.5 is now available with base element vulcanized rubber.




-Considerable savings to other levelling feet.

-Unique in the market with a vulcanized rubber base.

-Ideal for applications with sanitary requirements.


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OPTIDRIVE E2 has the edge in Italy

The INVERTEK Motor Drives are used by the italian manufacturer of portable chamfering machines OMCA s.r.l. in the control systems of this equipment.

These portable chamfering machines are used on every type of ferrous metal, aluminum and plastics for chamfering internal and external edges up to 45 degrees. Using the Optidrive E2, this equipment is required to work with fully adjustable speeds up to 6000 r.p.m. and be able to withstand the vigorous vibrations created in this type of operations. 

The variable speed drive specified was required to be extremely compact, to easily fit inside the control enclosure on these portable units, and to be able to withstand the extremely high operating temperatures. 

Easy installation and commissioning together with a global sales network of Invertek Sales Partners and Service Centres providing seamless support around the World, were regarded as key factors in specifying Optidrive E2 for this application. 

OMCA s.r.l is the market leader in Italy for portable chamfering equipment, with more than 500 resellers. Based in the Cavriago region of Italy, 70km North of Bologna, the company boasts an 8000 square metres manufacturing plant where all products produced since 1996 carry CE certification. 


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DIRAK 7-074 Quarter-Turn Latch

DIRAK presents the new Safety Quarter-Turn 255-9421.


This nicely shaped safety Quarter-Turn with a hardly protruding surface presents:

- Fully closed external surface.

- Water- and dust-tight according to IP65 DIN.

- RH or LH application.

- Vibration-proof.



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Following the success of the OPTIDRIVE E2 IP20 and IP55, the new OPTIDRIVE E2 IP66/NEMA 4X is ideal for applications in food and pharmaceutical industries.

Ready to withstand water jets at high pressure, the OPTIDRIVE IP66/NEMA 4X can be mounted directly on the machine without additional protection.

This equipment is presented with an optimal price-quality ratio for low power applications and is available in 3 sizes for all OPTIDRIVE E2 variants up to 7.5 kW.


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Stainless Steel - Cabinet "U" Handles GN 427.5

These handles are made of stainless steel, they are an extension of GN 427 product range in aluminium.


They are made of a profiled extrusion and they are available in special lengths in relatively small quantities.

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Optidrive E2 – Competitive Advantage for Machine Tools

The easy handling and the 'fast-stop' function of the OPTIDRIVE E2 variable speed drive from INVERTEK DRIVES are providing a competitive advantage for machine tools being manufactured for use in the educational sector around the World.


Denford Ltd. is a world leader in the supply of educational machine tools, CAD CAM equipment and is a proud founder and Sponsor of the "F1 in Schools Technology Challenge".

In late 2005, the Denford design team developed two new routing machines; the Compact 1000 and Router 2600. To allow users to work with a wide variety of materials, an all new metal cutting facility was then added, allowing a wider output speed range. The models with this feature were called Compact 1000PRO and Router 2600PRO. These machines were the first in the market to allow high speed routing whilst also having the rigidity required to allow cutting of non ferrous metals.
The constraints of making a machine cut as a router and also cut non ferrous materials requires high spindle speeds, rigid spindle bearings and excellent sealing. Denford selected a suitable brushless high speed spindle motor, which allowed speeds up to 24000RPM to be used, whilst also providing a rigid sealed spindle unit with a collet to hold the cutting tool. A suitable inverter was then required to allow the motor to achieve the desired speed. The key requirements were high output frequency capability, ease of use, low cost and compliance with the necessary CE directives.
Denford originally selected the Invertek OPTIDRIVE E 1.5kW as the ideal inverter drive solution, thanks to its competitive pricing and user friendly nature. They have since changed over to the OPTIDRIVE E2. Using it, allows the motor to operate from the 8000RPM minimum speed up to the maximum 24000RPM quickly and quietly. A further advantage of the OPTIDRIVE  was the ability to utilise DC injection braking to stop the spindle freewheeling in the event of a mains power loss. This 'fast stop' function provided enhanced safety for end users, a subject of great importance for Denford and its customers.
Being a worldwide supplier, Denford often supply machines to countries with only 110V power available. Again, INVERTEK were able to offer a solution, using the OPTIDRIVE E2 2.2kW 110V 'Voltage Doubler' drive for these machines. By allowing Denford to utilise the same motor, regardless of supply voltage and negating the need for an autotransformer, further cost and simplicity benefits were realised.
Steve Oddy, Technical Director of Denford Ltd commented 'In the 3 years we have used the OPTIDRIVES from INVERTEK DRIVES, they have proved to be reliable, cost effective and easy to support'.


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CFT Hinges with Screw Covers

The new CFT hinges by ELESA won a prestigious design award offered by the International Design Forum of Hannover (Germany).


Entirely made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based technopolymer, the product conceived by ELESA R&D department is a classic hinge revamped with a new rounded design, delivering a more up-to-date look which has been highly praised by the jury.


Screw covers add the special touch: highly customizable with special colours and pad-printed logos and symbols, they are perfect for hiding the assembly screws.


CFT hinges are available only in one size – 48 mm – with holes for countersunk flat, cylindrical or hexagonal head screws (hole centre distance 31 mm).

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OPTIDRIVE is a star in the film industry


Optidrive Plus 3GV AC drives have achieved massive costs savings and significantly increased productivity in a manufacturing plant in Australia of extruded, printed and processed products.


Established in 1980 in Queensland, Polyam (SL) Pty Limited is a fully integrated polyethylene blown-film manufacturing operation providing Australian packaging industry with extruded products , printed and processed products.

Wayne Soden, Maintenance Supervisor at Polyam could not be happier with the conversion to Invertek'sOptidrive:

"For years we have operated with DC systems to maintain the tension and speed with plastic films for a quality product. In the past we had trialled other companies AC drives with the promise of increased performance and reduced maintenance costs but none had come up with a workable solution or met our expectations" says Wayne. 

Despite this Wayne still believed that AC drives offered the better long term solution for productivity. Accordingly Wayne followed the advice of his site electrical contractor, who suggested they try Invertek Drives, 'as they had excellent experience with their installation and performance on similar machines' Wayne confirms "with help from our electrical contractor we installed the Optidrive and finally had a system that performed better than our DC solution and we managed to increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs at the same time!"


Now that Wayne is a convert with nearly 50 Invertek drives installed on site he couldn't be happier with the Optidrive – "we now look at the plant and try to work out where we can install more of the Purple Machines to help everything run smoothly."




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GANTER Tubular Arch Handles GN 666.4


The tubular arch handles GN 666.4 are an advanced development of the tubular handles GN 666 (with straight tube). The curved shape is another modern industrial design element.

Available in aluminum and stainless steel versions


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GANTER : Locking plungers with key

Ganter of Furtwangen now offers locking plungers with and without safety variant. 


Two designs are available, both available with or without key operation. If it stays inoperative, the locking pin in the GN 816 locking plunger protrudes. To retract, it is moved against the spring force and held in the end position by a 90° turn. If inoperative, the locking pin in the GN 816.1 locking plunger is retracted. To move out, it is also pushed against the spring force and held in the end position by a 90° turn.


The specially designed guide cam secures the locking pin in both design versions against inadvertent resetting. The guide (threaded section) of the locking plunger is made of zinc-plated blue chromate steel, while the locking pin and the pressure spring are made of stainless steel. The mat black head and the cover sleeve are made of plastic 

(thermoplastic–polyamide PA) and are not detachable.


A key (GN 816-10 or GN 816.1-10) is required to move the locking pin in the locking plungers with safety variant. In addition, the cover sleeve prevents the unauthorized turning out of the locking plunger and also prevents malfunctions caused by dirt.


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Optidrive is a success in Italy.


The water cooling systems in one of the most prestigious steels foundry’s in Europe relies on Optidrive variable speed drives to keep production running. 

48 Optidrives are used to control water pumps in the cooling systems on six continuous casting lines in the Beltrame Group foundry in Italy. Optidrive Plus 3GV and Optidrive Plus VTC , with its innovative energy saving features, were specified in a range of sizes up to 22kW. 


Energiy Saving Innovation:

Optidrive Plus 3GV uses 3GV technology to deliver 200% torque down to 0.0Hz, allowing this unique open loop product to be used without any feedback device in many traditional closed loop applications. Designed specifically for fan and pump applications the Optidrive VTC, maximises energy saving with its sleep mode. This automatic energy optimiser function reduces the motor voltage to match the load. 


The Beltrame Group is one of Europe’s leading producers of commercial steel rolled sections and special bars for shipbuilding and earth-moving machines. Founded at the end of the nineteenth century by the Beltrame family, the company has a proud heritage. This includes a highly prestigious subsidiary, LaminésMarchandEuropéens's, which has been working in the steel and iron market since the middle of the nineteenth century. 

With production capacity of 3 million tonnes, through nine plants strategically located near to the main product areas throughout Europe, the Beltrame Group has comprehensive European coverage. 



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REIMAN, "Cliente Aplauso 2008"


REIMAN was named "Cliente Aplauso 2008" by the Millennium BCP and the EGP-Management School of Oporto. 


Receiving this award means to be distinguished as one of the client companies of the Millennium BCP, by the innovating vision of business and entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated.


This distinction is awarded to firms and entrepreneurs, with annual turnover of less than 7.5 million, which elect the Millennium BCP as its financial partner and meet criteria for consistency, economic performance, dynamism and modernity in its business.

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New Corporate Image of REIMAN


In celebration of it's 20th anniversary, REIMAN changed it's corporate image.

This change has a very special meaning for us:


- It's a sign of the progressive growth of the Company

- It means new Innovations in business processes and planning

-Commitment to our customer’s satisfaction.


Thus, from the 20th of October, REIMAN is closer to you with a renewed energy to serve you better.


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Stainless Steel Product Range

The resistance to corrosion, quality and high hygiene are very important properties in certain applications such as in pharmaceutical and food industries, hospital equipment, water bottling systems, wastewater treatment system, industrial packing, transportation systems, mechanical engineering and construction buildings.

A wide range of accessories in stainless steel (INOX), launched by ELESA + GANTER, fulfill the requirements of the industries mentioned above, in particular embedding for machines, enclosures, fastening and tightening systems, etc. All accessories have high quality and are designed for a long life. In general, these components are used because of their resistance to oxidation (rusting) and acids. The stainless steel used in manufacturing these fittings, have a high chromium percentage (12%), assuring an adequate corrosion resistance. Depending on the application requirements, ELESA + GANTER uses different stainless steel materials.





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ELESA + GANTER Clamps and Clamping Bolts

ELESA + GANTER have launched a new range of vertical clamps (GN910.1 and GN910). These vertical clamps are a development of type GN 810. They have higher quality and are adequate in applications that requires a long lifetime.



• Tests have demonstrated excellent reliability even after a million cycles.

• Harded screws and fasteners .

• High protection against corrosion (galvanized and passivated surface).

• Clamp and handle components are made by casting or forging.

• Available in horizontal and vertical base.


ELESA + GANTER also offers a full range of galvanized steel or chrome clamping bolts from GN 804 series, specially designed to compensate tolerances of the piece in assembly or adjust fixing pressure. There are several alternatives, like placing an elastic protection cover simply placed at the bottom of the pin. This range includes steel bolts, stainless steel and plastic, with or without detachable support base.




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Quick-action Hexagonal Nuts GN6333


These quick-action hexagonal nuts GN6333 are used when the objective is essentially  to reduce the time of fastening assembly / disassembly of the components.

These quick-action nuts are available in the following sizes:


Specification: forged steel and zinc plated finishing.


·         the quick-action adjustment is not impaired by soiled or damaged screw threads. 

·         easy mounting / dismantling, even in tight spaces.

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Gearboxes - Alternative Solutions

CHIARAVALLI launched a range of gearboxes available in two series:


- CHM Series - alternative to the NMRV line of Motovario, available in sizes 30, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110 and 130.

- CH Series - alternative to VF and W line of Bonfiglioli, available in sizes 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 and 08.


This range of gearboxes is characterized by excellent reliability, proved in multiple tests on different applications, perfectly interchangeable with the ranges listed above. Furthermore, these products have an attractive design combined with construction quality and gear efficiency.

All gearboxes can be arranged in several ways and assembled in all mounting positions. This range of gearboxes from Chiaravalli is distributed in Portugal by Reiman, on an exclusive basis.



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DIRAK has launched the E-LINE BASIC to monitor the access to server cabinets as part of its electromechanical handles E-LINE. This line offers flexible interface that allows the handle to integrate existing security systems. In addition, the E-LINE BASIC may be used with a number of optional interfaces to provide even more security. The optional interfaces include RFID readers and biometric systems allowing the handle to integrate into a modern and secure monitoring system. The specific characteristics of E-LINE BASIC series include: Flexibility to adapt to the existing security systems; Integrated protection against excessive heat developed; LED status; transmission status to show whether the swivel handle is closed / not closed; Modular design .

DIRAK is recognized worldwide for quality and innovation that offers the market through the latches, locks, handles and hinges that compose the wide range of products. The company recently launched on the market a line of revolving handles with double cylinder, designed to protect the internal components of electronic cabinets against the danger of vandalism in outodoor enclosures.


The robust design of this new swivel handle offers several anti-vandalism features.


A narrow opening between the handle and it's housing, which reduces the likelihood of opening the handle by tampering; Produced in ZAMAC and stainless steel along with a rear cover in diecast zinc and a reinforced cylinder cover ; Equipped with double lock cylinders that can open triggering one cylinder lock independently from the other; Several key codes available ; Meets DIN 1639 and EN 60529 standards.




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